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Issues to consider

An initial assessment of a personnel record management system includes the following inquires:

  1. Are personnel record-keeping policies compliant with applicable state and federal laws?
  2. What should be placed in a personnel file?
  3. Should I-9s be kept separately from personnel records?
  4. Where should medical information be filed? What is considered protected health information?
  5. Is the system designed to properly safeguard the privacy of employee information?
  6. Does the system create efficiency in the accessibility and usage of employee files?
  7. Does the system meet administrative needs of extracting employee data for compliance reporting?
  8. Should personnel records be accessible to supervisors?
  9. Are files logistically secure to prevent damage in the event of a catastrophe (flood, fire, vandalism, theft, tampering, etc.)?
  10. How long must records be retained?
  11. What procedures must be followed in disposing of personnel records?

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